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Driver's License

Applying for an original driver license
(for those over the age of 18)
To apply for an original driver license, you must appear before a Driver License Examiner at one of the locations listed here.
You must bring:
Primary ID — usually a state-certified birth certificate. 
Secondary ID — usually a Social Security card. 
Social Security Number.
If your current last name is different from your identification documents, you will need documentation connecting your name on your primary and secondary IDs to your current name, such as a marriage license, divorce decree, adoption decree, etc. For more information, click here
If you are taking a driving test, you will need valid and current proof of automobile liability insurance.
You will be administered:
A vision test
A written test
A skills test (driving test)
NOTE: If you feel you are not ready for the skills test, you can get a Learner Permit after completing the vision test and written test. This will allow you to practice driving under the condition that a licensed operator who is age 21 or older, and who has had a license for at least two years, is in the front seat beside you.
If you are age 18 or older and you get a Learner Permit, you cannot take the skills test until a 30-day waiting period has passed.
Renew a Driver License/ID Card

Oklahoma Driver License or ID Card Renewal or Replacement by Mail When Temporarily Out-of-State
If your license is expired for more than 1 year you will have to provide proof of legal presence unless you have provided this information since 11/01/2007.
If you have a class D license expired greater than 1 year but less than 3 years and you are a US citizen with a state certified birth certificate, you may take this document to a Motor License Agency that is birth certificate certified. 
If you are using documents other than a state certified birth certificate you must go to a Driver License Exam site and present a primary identification document.
Click here for a list of acceptable documents.